Hi, I’m Amanda (AmandaQuirky, if you prefer).

You can find me online in a variety of guises (sometimes being my best self, and sometimes being an absolute douchebag) by searching AmandaQuirky, if you’re feeling inquisitive.

I blog about anxiety and depression as an extension of keeping a mood diary/journaling, and I also sometimes do those things in longhand (pen and paper/notebook) as well.

I have found mindfulness meditation to be surprisingly helpful in getting me on something approaching an even keel, in recent months. “Mindfulness” and “meditation” have gotten a lot of press in recent years, but I’d advise using the most basic, simple approach you can, and trying it daily for at least 2 weeks (for at least 20-30 minutes per day–which I found virtually impossible, at first, but I soldiered on) before deciding it’s not for you.

28:02 – 37:33 of the talk below is what helped me FINALLY learn to meditate/try to meditate–it’s the best beginner’s guided meditation I’ve ever tried. (The talk is good in its entirety, as well, but the guided meditation is the really useful part, for me.)

Good luck with whatever you’re working on, today and in your life generally, and thank you for checking out my blog.

Tell me what you think :)

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