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I’ve already posted one entry in which I quote an Elton John song; that’s not surprising to me. The Elton John/Bernie Taupin duo possibly literally saved my life when I was 16-17… oh… 25 years?… after releasing the material that had such an impact on me. Their music certainly altered the shape of the life I was living, and the life I’ve lived after that point.

As I’m currently a little under the weather (in a once-a-month style of unwellness) and not up to doing any hard work, I’m just listening to music, and amusing myself by making lists of some of my favourite songs. Who knows, I might need a new mix-tape soon… at any rate, it keeps me out of trouble.

In the case of Elton John, I’m up to 5 faves, so far: “Levon”, “I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues”, “Honky Cat”, “Tower of Babel”, and “I Feel Like a Bullet in the Gun of Robert Ford”. Not the most obvious choices, maybe–a rarity, for me?–but all excellent songs. Especially the least obvious of my choices.

If you want to listen to a great song, with some of that biblical imagery I love so much, here you go. If you don’t enjoy it… there could well be more wrong with you, than there is with me 😉

Or not. But I don’t see how anyone could actively dislike this song.