Just what it says on the tin; I’m trying to get back into doing this regularly (not least of all, because I think it helps me keep track of my mood over a reasonable period of time) and I have a few minutes, so I’m jotting down some thoughts.

As I’ve got you here (hello again, dear reader) I may as well let you know some of the other things I need to do (dare I say, plan to do?) in the coming weeks:

  1. Join a gym. I’m not likely to go more than about twice a week, but if I get back into the habit of twice-weekly gym attendance (as per last summer) history shows me that I will tone up significantly, slim down a little, feel a lot better on my good days, and not dip quite so low on my bad ones.
  2. Start volunteering at that charity I’m doing an induction for tomorrow. If I can’t hack it, if the emotional strain is too much, I’ll give it up, I promise… but I don’t have a psych degree for no reason at all. I always intended to do something like this, regardless of my own anxiety and depression (or undiagnosed Bipolar Type 2, which is what I still reckon it is).
  3. I was gonna put something here about increasing the number of nights per week I actually cook, but I became disheartened just trying to explain my kids’ sensory issues. It happens. I’ll try to cook at least 1 more night per week, and not explain in heart-rending detail what it’s like to watch your children uncontrollably vomit when trying to eat about 98% of all known foods.

I think that’ll do. Thanks for having a gander at my post, and hope you’re having a solid day. Mine’s been alright, thanks for asking, and hope to see you around.