2 days with anti-anxiety meds, and I’m about 50% back to normal.

Bullshit, I say, to the people who think that there’s no biochemical basis for mental ill-health.

YES, there are tangible things that are wrong in my life; but I was working on improving my situation a week ago, as much as I am now.

YES, practicing Mindfulness, sitting with my thoughts and not running from them, focusing on my breath etc, makes some difference; but I was doing that MORE a month ago, and I still had this most recent depressive/anxiety-fuelled episode.

I have a bipolar parent and a sibling, 2 autistic kids, and I’m autistic myself. It is virtually impossible that there’s no biochemical basis for every struggle I face; and I’m very glad that this time, before I started cutting or burning myself, I rang up my GP, and got some anti-anxiety meds, to help me weather this short-term storm.